Quantifying Loss with Delays and Overruns While Building Your Project

Thekabook Team
June 12, 2023

Any project is subject to schedules and deadlines, which might blur due to unexpected issues/contingencies. Although project managers strive to abide by the timelines and maintain the schedule, project delays are a frequent phenomenon in the construction field. There are many tools and software available in the market to support human intelligence, but one cannot deny contingencies. While delays can be due to potential causes, cost overruns are a byproduct of delays.  

1-in-6 projects overshoot its schedule by 70%

Let us understand delays and associated losses and how one can prevent them.

1. Incorrect project estimation: Every project undergoes a planning and estimation session before commencement. It involves speculation of the risks involved, handling of men and material, possible gaps, clearances, etc. However, owing to uncertainties beyond one’s control, project planning and estimation can crumble. 

Inaccurate budget estimates are the primary cause of cost overruns. However, with modern apps for easy construction management like Thekabook, you can get construction estimates in as quick as 5 minutes. It can help you save time and focus on other crucial aspects of construction management. 

2. Change of scope: There can be a gap between expectations and reality. But when any construction project is stalled during any time of its execution just because of a change in the scope, it hampers the schedules. Any change which isn't accommodated in the previous schedule is highly likely to cause delay and cost overrun in taking care of the new equipment, machinery and labour involved. Either it will pressure labour and project managers to manage their work or else lead to faulty execution. 

3. Men and material mismanagement: Men can't work unless the equipment is delivered, and machines can't work by themselves due to the absence of labour. Owing to the irregular nature of labour turning up on sites due to festivities, mishaps or any other emergencies, schedules can crumble. Faulty contracts and untimely payments for the machines can further cause delays. Storage and handling of machines and equipment are other factors that can cause delays. Lastly, poor on-site management of men and materials can lead to delays and overruns.

4. Other factors: There can be a couple of other factors that can double up the schedules and burn a hole in your pocket. It can be improper communication, poor administration and monitoring on the site and project causes. The project itself could be too complex in its design and execution. It might be so that there are serious design errors that are impractical to execute. All of these and their corrections can lead to project delays and cost overruns. 

Much has been said about the factors; let's quickly turn to the solutions. Here are a few of them:

  1. The right tool: From project estimates to timely delivery and reminders of payments, apps like Thekabook can meet all your construction requirements. Ensure you make use of the right tools and enable technology to stay on schedule. 
  2. The right team: A team of an efficient project-handling team with exposure to dealing with challenges is your best bet as a construction manager.  They should keep in mind the uncertainties and offer scope for the same in the planning. 
  3. Proper planning and estimation: A right estimate and plan considering and accommodating all the possible mishaps can lead to the timely delivery of projects with the least cost overruns. 

A perfect construction project is hardly an outcome but proper planning and using the right tools can help every stakeholder. For such optimal construction, download the Thekabook app today!